Definition of Servant Leadership Competency 

“The student models servant leadership and equips others in a God-given direction through Christlike character, leadership capability, and love.” 

Servant Leadership Goal

I will supplement the church staff in the area of Pastoral care


 1. Ministry Mentor and I will plan to include me in church funeral procedure and hospital visits.

 2. I will observe my ministry mentor conducting hospital visits and funerals

 3. My ministry mentor and I will construct a list of things to say when standing in for the senior pastor.


 1. Ministry Service Manual 

 2. Mentor Instruction 


 1. Complete 2 funeral representations and 1 hospital visit per month

 2. Recruit at least 5 people to young adult ministry by August.


Overall Reflection Statement for Servant Leadership (100 word minimum) 

"For my competence in servant leadership, I am submitting __________ [name/type of artifact] which demonstrates __________ [what you learned, experienced, or accomplished and with who]." 

Artifacts With Descriptions 

Reflections on Peacemaker ,  
Write-up from difficult situations ,  
Write-up on Biblical View of Conflict ,  

Learning Reflection (100 word minimum) 

"As I developed and demonstrated servant leadership, I have learned __________ [something you have learned about yourself, about people, about ministry, and/or about God]." 

Lifelong Development Statement (100 word minimum) 

"As a result of the experiences documented by these artifacts, I will continue to develop in servant leadership by __________ [something you will do differently next time or continue to improve upon].