My goal is to exercise leadership in the local church in the areas of preaching teaching and pastoral care in effort to see the church grow both quantitatively and qualitatively 


Overall Reflection Statement for Ministry Distinctive (100 word minimum) 

[Review directions: How to Reflect] 

“For my competence in Higher Education, I am submitting additional artifacts that demonstrates __________ [what you learned, experienced, or accomplished and with who].” 

Artifacts With Descriptions 

1. I wrote a thesis, although not required. 2nd reader; topic? TBD 2030 

2. Philosophy of education statement from CE102/EML102. 

3. Additional: Academic CV for Leadership/Education direction 

4. Link and Description: Non-Internship Item that represents a significant learning experience supporting my degree choice 

Learning Reflection (100 word minimum) 

[Review directions: How to Reflect] 

“As I developed and demonstrated Higher Education in other areas of my degree and ministry experience, I have learned __________ [something you have learned about yourself, about people, about ministry, and/or about God].” 

Lifelong Development Statement (100 word minimum) 

[Review directions: How to Reflect] 

“As a result of the experiences documented by these artifacts, I will continue to develop in pursuing Higher Education by __________ [something you will do differently next time or continue to improve upon].”